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Tiffin University

Student Health Insurance

All Tiffin University international students and domestic student-athletes are required to have health insurance. Tiffin University has partnered with Wellfleet Student Health Insurance to provide students with medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage.

Tiffin University will automatically assess a fee, as stated below, to your student account if you are a:

  • domestic undergraduate student-athlete registered for one (1) or more credit hours per semester
  • domestic graduate student-athlete registered for one (1) or more credit hours per semester
  • international student registered for one (1) or more credit hours per semester

*2023-24 Academic Year Coverage Dates and Costs

Coverage DatesCost
AnnualAugust 1 – July 31$2,228
Fall Only (students graduating in December only)August 1 – December 31$932
Spring Only (new students starting in January only)January 1 – July 31$1,296

Overview of Plan Benefits

How to Waive the School Health Insurance from Wellfleet

You may waive the health insurance coverage if you have coverage under another qualifying plan as long as you submit your waiver by the Thursday, February 1st deadline and it is approved. Qualifying plans must be filed and approved in the U.S. and be ACA compliant. 

Note: Students participating in athletics who waive out of the school insurance from Wellfleet will be charged $300 for NCAA secondary Athletic Insurance.

To enroll or “waive/opt out” of health insurance:

Non-athlete domestic students taking more than one (1) credit hour per term and eligible dependents of all enrolled students may voluntarily enroll in the student health insurance plan directly with Wellfleet Student Health Insurance.
Once a student-athlete has participated in a team practice, lifting, or a conditioning session, the insurance fee is not able to be removed from the student’s account.

All student-athletes are required to have a physical by their family physician or through Tiffin University’s Athletic Training Department before reporting to school. 

The final decision on physical qualifications or reason for rejection is the responsibility of the college physician. The TU physician, in conjunction with the Athletic Training Department, makes the decision on when an athlete may return to competition after a previous injury. 

Injuries do occur and we try to provide our athletes with the very best possible care. 

Medical bills incur when the athlete is treated, whether it is locally, during a road trip or by a medical vendor in his/her own home area. In order for athletic injuries to be covered by the secondary insurance policy, the student-athlete must report the injury as soon as possible to a member of the TU athletic training staff, who must fill out an athletic injury claim form. The student-athlete MUST bring a copy of the claim form when seeking medical treatment. If non-emergency treatment is sought out and received by the student-athlete without the knowledge of the TU medical staff, those charges may not be covered by the secondary athletic insurance policy and could be the responsibility of the student-athlete.

*The University may amend, modify or rescind any existing student health insurance policies, guidelines, rules, procedures or regulations or institute new or additional student health insurance, policies, guidelines, rules, procedures or regulations at any time, at its sole discretion.

Wellfleet FAQs

Please make sure they are in a format Wellfleet has requested.  If you are an iphone user please disable the “live” setting when taking the picture, as it will not upload properly.

This means Wellfleet is manually reviewing your waiver application.

Depending on the number of pending cases in Wellfleets’ system this could take a few hours up to a few days.  Also remember they do not work weekends so that can prolong the process.

Wellfleet will send you an email with the reason as to why it was declined. This could be multiple things:

  1. You forgot to upload photos of your insurance card
  2. Wellfleet may need a better picture of the front and back of your insurance card
  3. Your insurance plan did not meet the set requirements to be approved
  4. Your current policy may be inactive
  5. Wellfleet may need a schedule of benefits from your primary insurance

You would need to provide the documentation that Wellfleet has requested and resubmit your waiver.