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Student Support / DragonACCESS


DragonACCESS ensures that all students have access to their textbooks before the first day of class.

For a flat per-credit fee (of only $25), all your textbooks will be ready for you in Moodle, or in some cases, waiting for pickup at The Exchange. This convenient program removes the guessing games related to the cost of books, makes financial planning much easier, and helps you focus on your learning.

What is DragonACCESS?

DragonACCESS is a program that ensures that all students have access to their textbooks before the first day of class. For students, DragonACCESS is:

  • Convenient – Course materials are available before your class starts. Sign up for courses and your materials will be waiting for you in Moodle. 
  • Empowering – With automatic access to your textbooks, you can focus on learning and be confident in your academic success. 


You will access all most required electronic textbooks and materials through Moodle, in the DragonACCESS eReader tool typically found in the “Start Here” section of your course.

If your course uses a third-party lab like Pearson MyLab, Cengage MindTap or McGraw-Hill Connect, you will continue to access their text the way they always have through that tool in Moodle.

Some books may only be available as a physical textbook which can be picked up in the The Exchange beginning one week before classes begin.

A few resources may require a different method or website to access them. Your instructor will be able to help you in these cases.

Electronic textbooks and materials will be accessible as soon as students are added to Moodle. This typically occurs the Friday before classes start.

In some cases, a hard copy text may be required. These physical textbooks are included in the program and will be available for pick-up from The Exchange, starting the week before classes.

If an online course requires a physical text, you must complete the Shipping Form for free shipping as soon as possible before each semester. Free shipping is only available to remote students. If you live in Seneca County, please make arrangements to pick up your books at the The Exchange.

Students who need a physical book because of a special accommodation should submit an accommodation request as quickly as possible, preferably by Friday of the first week of classes to the Disability Services Coordinator. Once the accommodation is approved, the Office of Disability Services will contact the DragonACCESS Coordinator to order a physical textbook. 

If you need to register with the Office of Disability Services, more information is available on their website below.

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Yes. If you have a physical book for a course, it is yours to keep. You may keep it or sell. Currently, the TU retail store does not buy back books. Most electronic books will disappear after the semester, but some publishers only sell permanent access to books.

Though in most cases it is not recommended, students can opt out of any semester by scheduling an appointment with a DragonACCESS Advisor. To consider opting out for Spring 2024, students should schedule an appointment by visiting the DragonACCESS Appointment Scheduler.

The period to opt out for Spring 2024 is November 30 through January 19 at 5 p.m. We will be unable to schedule appointments during the Holiday Break when the campus is closed.

If you have questions, feel free to email or Google Chat with questions.

DragonACCESS is an exciting new service that removes the hassle of finding and purchasing textbooks and ensures that you have immediate and convenient access to all of your textbooks. However, if you have questions or feel that this program is not right for you, you should consult with a DragonACCESS advisor during the opt-out period. The only way to opt out of the program is to meet with a DragonACCESS advisor.

For the upcoming Spring 2024 Semester, you can find the preliminary required resources for your class by visiting the link below!