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Bachelor of Arts

Digital Media

On Campus

Create Content that Connects and Inspires!

We live in a world where digital information is at the center of how we interact. Whether through social media, entertainment media or on the web, digital design touches almost every moment of our lives. 

Tiffin University’s Bachelor of Arts in digital media combines study in multiple forms of communication and content creation, including print, online and visual media. The degree also helps students explore and prepare for the wide variety of professional opportunities available in social media, marketing, public relations and promotion, entertainment, advertising, and multimedia production, both within corporate settings and as an independent entrepreneur.

Tiffin University’s digital media program includes required study in multimedia creation, art and design, professional writing, marketing, video production and branding, as well as courses in career development and a required internship. The degree’s creative core and media core provide a foundation for a student to design their own further advanced coursework in a variety of professional tracks and for their outside-the-classroom opportunities in multimedia content creation working on campus and for area businesses.

The B.A. in digital media includes, not just hands-on core courses, but also the opportunity to take one or more specialized professional tracks, including more in-depth study in video production, photography and design, digital storytelling, sports media, strategic communication, audio production, web design and instructional design. Combining two or three of these tracks makes the Tiffin University graduate uniquely qualified for communication jobs in many different industries.  A required internship, in addition to the possibility of multiple professional internships, prepares digital media majors for their diverse career paths.

Outside of the classroom you’ll have opportunities to get real-world experience and start building your professional portfolio through work on TU’s Media Production Team, Social Media Team, Art Team, Sports Media Team, Video Production Team, Sports Media Team or student newspaper. You’ll also get to do internships where you’ll get to apply the skills you learn and network with industry professionals.


Creative Core

  • DMD134 – Introduction to Digital Media 
  • ART151 – Principles of Design 
  • ENG152 – Technical Writing
  • MKT151 – Introduction to Marketing
  • CMA352 – Creator Career Development
  • CMA470 – Internship

Media Core

  • ENG301 – Professional Communication
  • DMD230 – Video Production 1
  • ART221 – Brand Creation
  • ART324 – Digital Mixed Media
  • MKT370 – Digital Marketing
  • CMA499 – Senior Seminar

TOTAL — 36 hours

Students may also take up to 48 credit hours in advanced professional tracks or secondary areas of study. 


CMA352 – Creator Career Development: Students create and develop their own professional media portfolio and branding strategies, learn career advancement skills, networking within professional activities and organizations, standards and practices for contract work, and opportunities researching and writing for grant funding.

ART221 – Brand Creation: Students create real-world graphic design projects for advertising and marketing, applying their skills in image editing, drawing, and graphic design and demonstrating professional management and communication skills.

ART324 – Digital Mixed Media: Students engage in the digital art-making processes, exploring the intersections between storytelling, culture and different modes of presentation. Using concepts including image compositing, appropriation, collage, remixing, students move from concept to output applying digital media resources to graphic design, video editing, storyboarding, and sound design. 


On Campus – Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of January and August

Digital Media Producers (+5% to +8% projected growth)

Multimedia Artists (+5% to +8% projected growth)

Social Media Manager (+5% to +8% projected growth)

Advertising Creative (+10% or higher projected growth)

Electronic commerce specialists (+5% to +8% projected growth)

Public relations specialists (+5% to +8% projected growth)

Film & video editors (+14% or higher projected growth)

Audio & video technicians (+9% to +13% projected growth)

(Data from and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) 

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“Tiffin University is a small campus, easy to navigate, and has a small student population, but the amount you can get involved in is endless. Additionally, every professor, advisor, and coach I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with at TU has had nothing but a positive impact on me. Treating me not like a student, but more like an adult, and working with me to help college go as smooth as possible.”

Kevin Dietrich
Class of 2023
Tiffin, Ohio
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